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Aleksandra Wozniak devotes her post-career to her sport! A tennis camp in Blainville this summer

Although retired from her professional tennis career since December 2018, Blainvilloise Aleksandra Wozniak is never far from the court. In confinement, at her home in Laval, she said she was preparing for her summer of 2020, hoping that her activities could take place. In addition to the tennis academy that she will start shortly in Bedford, Montérégie, and which will bear her name, she will also offer, from June 20 to 26, the Aleksandra Wozniak tennis camp in Blainville, the city that saw growing up. “These are the first courts on which I played tennis. I was 3 years old and my father was teaching me. So I thought it was a good idea to hold a camp there to start the summer. I'm crossing my fingers that everything will work as planned!" The first edition of the Aleksandra Wozniak tennis camp is aimed at both young people and adults, whether beginners or experts. Now certified as a coach, she wants to share her experience and knowledge. “My role is to analyze the player and correct his mistakes in order to get him to perform well. As a player, I was listening, whereas there, it is my turn to share everything. Remember that last December, Aleksandra was inducted into the Blainvillois Order of Merit. At the same time, she learned that the City of Blainville was naming the tennis courts of the Equestrian Park, where the camp will take place, in her name. The official inauguration of these grounds will take place shortly.

Developing long-term players As for the Aleksandra Wozniak Academy, also intended for young people and adults, she plans to launch it in the fall, in Bedford, where she will move in a few months. “Top 20 WTA players and ATP players will be present among the coaches. We will also have a team of specialized coaches who have worked with professional tennis players,” said Aleksandra, excited at the idea of ​​reconnecting with the tennis courts. The pandemic obviously kept her away from it, as did retirement which distanced her from the adversity she prepared to face each week. “It is certain that I miss the competition. The passion does not die out. At least I stay in the tennis world and it's my turn to share my experience and have fun with the participants. To learn more about Aleksandra's post-career, her academy or the Blainville tennis camp, just visit her brand new website []. Article by Christian Asselin May 21, 2020

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